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Java’s Swing GTK LaF nice and pretty on Ubuntu

In Ubuntu Java apps which use Swing’s GTK Look and Feel (LaF) do not appear as native applications.

The menus does not have borders and do not appear as app menus on the top of the screen nor provide HUD support. The fonts on buttons and dialog boxes are thinner and do not match to the native look and feel.

This how-to describes step by step how you improve the GTK LaF of Java’s Swing apps. Continue reading Java’s Swing GTK LaF nice and pretty on Ubuntu

Display Java’s Swing menus correctly in Linux Mint’s GTK LaF

Since GTK 3 has been introduced Java Swing applications have a bug in displaying their menus when using the GTK Look and Feel (LaF).

At Linux Mint Cinnamon:

  • No border around dropdown and context menus
  • Wrong font color of activated checkbox and radiobutton menu items (the font has the same color as the background and appears unvisible)
  • No menu separators

In the web there are some fixes and workarounds but just one solves the problem on Linux Mint 17 completely (see section “Interesting Links” below).

This How-To shows how to fix the problem and offers a bash script to get rid of this problem on Mint 17.x automatically.

For Ubuntu find a small hint below.

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ShowAllPorts – RS-232 Portlister

GPS-Logger, Messgeräte oder USB-zu-RS-232-Adapter werden i.d.R. über virtuelle serielle Schnittstellen (Port) angebunden. Das Herausfinden des Port-Namens, um die Datenübertragung zu einem Programm zu initiieren,  ist aber oft mühsam.

ShowAllPorts listet alle reellen und virtuellen seriellen Ports des Computers auf. Es arbeitet mit eingebauten Schnittstellen genauso wie mit USB-zu-RS-232-Adaptern zusammen. Es erkennt auf Wunsch den oder die zuletzt angesteckten Adapter und  zeigt an, ob ein Port belegt ist. ShowAllPorts läuft unter Windows®, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X® und Solaris.

ShowAllPorts @Windows® 8
ShowAllPorts @Windows® 8

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EXE-files accidentally associated with an application

It is nearly impossible to associate a Windows EXE file to a normal application. The context command “Open with …” is not available for this file type.

But broken EXE-files or wrong commands in desktop shortcuts can ask for a application to start with. When your fingers are faster than your brain you cannot start EXE files anymore because Windows try to open them with the application selected before.

Unfortunately you cannot start any repair tools or even the registry editor to fix the problem manually now.

This how-to describes in a few steps how to bring your computer back working correctly.

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Delete Parallels icons from Launchpad

If you activated the wrong  option in your Parallels settings your Launchpad is flooded with icons of your virtual machine.

In general you do not like it. Removing the icons is not that easy and not self-explanatory unfortunately. Trying to delete the icons in the Launchpad fails. Furthermore you will not find the app icons in the global Application folder of the Finder.

But there is a possibility to get rid of the unwanted icons, described below. Continue reading Delete Parallels icons from Launchpad

qTranslate Successors – Which one is the best?

qTranslate, the multi-language plugin for WordPress-blogs,  will not developed any further. Fortunately four successors (forks) are available.

In alphabetical order:

  • mqTranslate
  • qTranslate-Plus
  • qTranslate-X
  • zTranslate

Which fork should an old qTranslate user choose? This position paper should give you some hints for your decision.

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