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Install and Setup Code::Blocks for Fortran on GNU/Linux

Monday, 3. March 2014

codeblocks-tuxA new IDE for Fortran is in town. Beneath Photran the IDE Code::Blocks is available. Since Photran is specialised for Fortran, CodeBlocks is made for C/C++ programmers in the first place. But Darius Markauskas developed a plugin and provides a special Fortran version of CodeBlocks.

This How-To is for GNU/Linux and Fortran novices and shows how to install CodeBlocks for Fortran system-wide on GNU/Linux (here on Mint), compile your first program and get it run.


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Install DISLIN on Ubuntu

Last Modified: May, 15th 2014
Sunday, 10. June 2012

Dislin LogoDISLIN is a very nice and well-documented 2-D and 3-D plotting framework for Fortran and some other programming languages. Furthermore DISLIN provides some widgets to create simple graphic user interfaces (GUIs). This how-to describes how to install DISLIN on an arbitrary Ubuntu system and how to compile and link a sample Fortran 90  program with the shared and static libraries.

Since Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) and DISLIN 10.2 came out, things are easier for Debian-based Systems now. However 64-bit users have to consider some points.

I updated this article for Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) and DISLIN 10.4 users. Obsolete instructions for Ubuntu 12.04 and lower as well as DISLIN 10.0 were crossed.


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Recognize platforms in Fortran

Sunday, 13. September 2009

Sometimes it is useful for a Fortran 90 program to know on which platform it runs. The main reasons why I wrote the module PLATFORM are to know where the home directory is and where to store the configure files (e.g. namelist-files) on the currently used platform without maintaining different platform-dependent source files.

The module PLATFORM detects:

  • DOS-based Windows platforms, as 95/98(SE)/ME
  • NT-based Windows platforms, as NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Unix(-like) platforms, as Linux, MacOS X, etc.


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G95 Fortran 95 Compiler – RPM-Package

Tuesday, 16. December 2008

RPM-Package of the G95 Fortran 95 Compiler (Version 0.91, March 2008) for RPM-based Linux distributions. [...]

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Compiler-depended subroutines of FLIB for G95 and Gfortran

Tuesday, 16. December 2008

The PNNL Fortran Library (a.k.a. FLIB) is a set of general purpose non-numeric Fortran 90 routines that can be used to simplify the development of programs with a batch-style input/output interface and text-processing. FLIB is platform independent.

In addition to the mainly non-numeric routines used to build program interfaces, the FLIB software does use four non-standard extensions to the Fortran 90 language standard. These non-standard routines decrease the portability of the software but significantly improve the functionality.

cal_gnu.f90 contains these non-standard routines which are adapted to the open source compiler G95 and Gfortran. [...]

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