G95 Fortran 95 Compiler – RPM-Package

RPM-Package of the G95 Fortran 95 Compiler (Version 0.91, March 2008) for RPM-based Linux distributions.

Special Feature

To avoid interferences with a already installed Gfortran compiler, the G95 directory-tree will be installed in /opt:


The executable symbolic link “g95″ is stored in /usr/local/bin and can be invoked from everywhere.


Libraries (lib*.a) compiled with and for G95 should be copied to /opt/g95/lib and modules (*.mod) to /opt/g95/include. To compile and link Fortran programs see the following example:

$> g95 -I/opt/g95/include -L/opt/g95/lib lmylib -o myprogram myprogram.f90


g95-091-20080226-i686.rpm (stable)

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