pcwJavaUpdater - Brief description

Updating Java (Java Runtime Environment - JRE) is unnecessarily cmplicated. Especially from a standard user account.

pcwJavaUpdater developed by the German PC-Welt magazine solves this problem. it

  1. allows the Java update from a standard user account (but you still need the administrator password),
  2. allows a completely unattended and automatic Java update (option "/a") via Windows' Task planer as an option.



Manual Usage

  1. Download pcwJavaUpdater and uncompress it.
  2. Double click pcwJavaI hope this helps.Updater.exe
  3. Type in administrator credentials in the UAC-box
  4. Click on "Java Update starten" and wait till it finished


German English
Java Installer wird heruntergeladen... Download Java installer...
Java wird installiert ... Install Java ...
Installation abgeschlossen Installation finished
Die aktuellste Java Version ist bereits installiert The most current Java version is already installed

Automatic Usage

For automatic usage add a new task in the Windows task planer. Unfortunately I do not have an Englisch Windows version on hand, so I have to guess the English notations. I hope you can follow the instructions anyway.

  1. Download pcwJavaUpdater and uncompress it.
  2. Start the task planer: System Control -> Management -> Task Planer
  3. On the left panel choose "Task Planer Library""
  4. On the right panel choose "Create Task"
  5. On the tab "General" name the task
  6. Under "Security Options" click on the button "Edit User and Groups" and type "System" in the dialog "Choose User and Groups" and click "OK".
  7. Activate with "highest privileges".
  8. On the tab "Trigger" click "New" and choose a schedule as you like (e.g. daily) and activate "Quit task after" and set it up to "4 hours" to prevent that the program runs forever if something happens.
  9. Choose tab "Actions" and click "New". Keep "Start Program" as the action and choose "pcwJavaUpdate.exe". Under "Arguments/Options" type in "/a" (without double quotes). After click "OK".
  10. On the tab "Settings" activate "Run task ASAP after a missed start"

Keep in mind that if you decide to uninstall Java you have to delete this task too. Otherwise Java will be installed automatically again!


PC-Welt Magazine providing "pcwJavaUpdate" for free.

Source: Blog Hani's Omnium Gatherum - How-To's, Field Reports and Position Papers