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Adjust MicroKid’s Related Posts 4 for qTranslate-driven WordPress-Blogs

If your multi-language WordPress-Blog is qTranslate-driven, some plugins need adjustments. So MicroKid’s Related Posts.

webwork.onblog.at (German) describes how to do this with MicroKid’s Related Posts versions 2 and 3. In MicroKid’s Related Posts version 4 you have to alter the code at a different position and in a slightly different code context.

Go to line 658 in the file microkids-related-posts.php in directory wp-content/plugins/microkids-related-posts/:

$output .= "<a href="".get_permalink( $related_post->ID )."">". $related_post->post_title."</a>";

and replace the line with:

$output .= "<a href="".get_permalink( $related_post->ID )."">". get_the_title( $related_post->ID )."</a>";

That is all to force MicroKid’s Related Posts 4 showing the correct language in the related posts titles.

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