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Zemanta’s Related Posts migration to qTranslate-Plus

The Zemanta’s Related Posts WordPress Plug-in works very well  with qTranslate. But it does not with qTranslate-Plus. Since the original qTranslate is deprecated many blogger have to switch to qTranslate-Plus. Plug-ins which works well with the original plug-in does not with the successor. The reason is the prefix of qTranslate-Plus functions in comparison to the original qTranslate. I described this in my post qTranslate-Plus Migration.

You just have to find the appropriate files which contain the qTranslate function calls. But a lot of plug-ins contain a lot of files. So it is hard to find the files in question. Zemanta’s Related Posts plug-in is such an example.

To migrate Zemanta’s Related Post

  1. go to menu “Plugins|Editor” choose “Related Posts” and  press “Select”.
  2. Open file “related-posts/init.php” by clicking on the link on the right side of the page
  3. Search for function calls starting with “qtrans_” (line 149, 150, 211, 212 in version 3.5.2) and add the prefix “pp” to the function names, e.g.
     if(function_exists('ppqtrans_postsFilter')) {
     $related_posts = ppqtrans_postsFilter($related_posts);
  4. Click button “Update File”
  5. Your done

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