Evernote Outlook Plug-in

Keep using Evernote-Outlook Plugin

Evernote has removed the Outlook plug-in in the new versions of its note-taking program. Many users have often used this – especially in professional use – to better organize or archive emails. However, this shortcoming can be eliminated with a simple downgrade.

I used it to create a GettingsThingsDone® (GTD) environment in my professional workplace to integrate emails into my GTD organization. So I was very disappointed with Evernote’s decision. 

While searching for alternatives, I found the new separate Outlook plug-in, but it only seems to work with the online version of Outlook.com and is therefore not a replacement for me.

However, there is a way to install an old legacy version ( that still contains the Outlook plug-in. This is thankfully available for Windows® and macOS® on the Evernote website and restores the Outlook plug-in.

The database integration – even if you had already used the latest Evernote version – will be not interfered when downgrading.

Evernote Legacy Version


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